Fun Facts about Glass Blowing

Did you know that glass blowers are called Gaffers?

And that the tools they used since the advent of glass blowing are still exactly the same. There may be some glass artisans or “Gaffers” that have ways of making it more convenient but, the truth is, it’s worth every penny you pay for a finished piece when you know the work put into one.
So, what do they use to blow glass besides a pipe and hot air? The recipe comes from the ancient Egyptians and it consists of lime, sand and soda ash. This is what’s heated until it’s liquid. The next step is to insert the blowpipe into the molten recipe and blow until it shapes into what it’s intended to be.

Did you know that Romans came up with glass windows and this was the way they were made” They would be blown out into a long cylindrical piece and flattened before it could cool. Wow, between inventing plumbing and glass this civilization really is innovative! We have a lot of things because of the Roman Empire. Granted, they weren’t the friendliest people when it came to conquest but they obviously had something going on between the ears!

Murano Glass is one of the most popular and widely sold as well as the most valuable of the blown glass.


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